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Strengthening Protected Areas

The Spain-UNEP Partnership for Protected Areas, in support of LifeWeb, promotes Protected Area conservation and community development through technical, educational and financial assistance.


Marine Protected Areas

Less than 1% of the world's oceans fall within Protected Areas yet they perform an important role in maintaining global environmental health through regulating and provisioning ecosystem services.


Terrestrial Protected Areas

The threats facing terrestrial biodiversity hotspots are many and if protected area authorities in addition lack the resources to conserve these the added effects of population growth and climate change could be devastating.


Safeguarding Local Livelihoods

To conserve some of the planet's most biodiverse Protected Areas the Spain-UNEP Partnership recognizes the need to address poverty and support cultural heritage and livelihoods through community conservation efforts and equitable benefit sharing schemes.


Securing a Sustainable Future

More than 1 billion people depend on protected areas for their livelihoods. To conserve the planet's natural assets for current and future generations sustainable finance mechanisms need to be put in place.


Protecting the Protected Areas: Partnering to Expand the Most Precious 17% of the Planet

Rio +20, 20 June 2012

Date: Wednesday, June 20
Time: 1:00PM to 2:45PM
Venue: UNEP Pavilion Auditorium, Rio de Janeiro

Key Speakers: Achim Steiner (UNEP), Miguel Arias (Spain), Braulio Dias (SCBD), Luis Fueyo (Mexico), Zulkifli Hasan (Indonesia)

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Protecting the Protected Areas

Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) Patron Dr. Richard Leakey narrates a video showcasing results from the Spain-UNEP Partnership for Protected Areas in Support of LifeWeb...

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Recognizing the importance of Protected Areas as a key tool for resource management and biodiversity conservation, the Government of Spain has initiated a strategic partnership with UNEP to provide €5 million to improve the impact and effectiveness of both new and existing Protected Areas, through direct management support and enhanced enabling conditions, such as support to policy processes, stakeholder participation and increased awareness of the benefits for livelihoods and ecosystems.

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 The Spain-UNEP Partnership
 for Protected Areas, in support
of LifeWeb Brochure

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